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Grodno cannery established in 1958 on the basis raypischekombinata. Today is one of the largest manufacturers of the Republic of Belarus fruit and vegetable fruit and berry preserves, juices and purees. Production capacity of the plant - 13.5 million standard cans (for 2009).

The company's products are sold both on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad. The main partner countries are: Russia, Kazakhstan, being established business contacts with the European Union, Canada. Currently the company employs about 140 people.

In 2007 he launched a large-scale reconstruction of the company, installed the newest lines from leading manufacturers for the production of juices and puree, semi, that allows to produce high quality products. All products are certified and complies with international standards.

The main activity - production of canned vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices, processed vegetables, fruits and berries, production of semi-mashed.
The company produces more than 50 kinds of products.

Within a few years of his work, the company UDP "Grodno Cannery has established itself as a conscientious performer orders accumulated operating time, which we successfully apply for the benefit of our customers.

The most valuable qualities in the team are efficiency, professionalism and creativity. All these qualities apply to the services in full.

The assortment of products by Soso of:
  • canned vegetables (green peas, cucumbers, tomatoes canned)
  • juice
  • nectars
  • jam
  • Sauces
  • salads

Have any questions please contact the sales department of the company:
  • Address: 230001 Grodno, ul.Kstinskaya, 1
  • Phone: +375152520199, +375152524516
  • Contact: Basil
  • E-Mail: fruktoff@mail.ru

We look forward to working with you!
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